STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA (August 3, 2019) – 2016 Non-Wing champion Brandon Carey won his second feature of the year and placed himself into the 2019 title hunt, taking Saturday’s points race #9 at Delta Speedway presented by Financial Center Credit Union. The late race action was nearly as hot as the temperatures on the 1/7th mile dirt oval.

Racing action started one hour later for the second consecutive weekend at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, due to triple digit temperatures. A hearty field of over 80 Micro Sprints entertained the fans despite the conditions.

Ripon’s Carey ran second to 2018 champion Tj Smith of Fresno for nearly the entire event except for leading lap 14. The opportunity arose on the final lap for Carey to go for the lead. The maneuver proved in his favor for a $500 prize, while Smith was relegated to 16th in the final rundown. 2017 Super 600 champion Jake Andreotti went topless with the Non-Wing division, nabbing second place ahead of Chris Hinkle, Matt Sargent, and 15th starting Mitchel Moles. Carey now finds himself just 27 points behind Caden Sarale, after Sarale ran 12th in the feature due to a flip.

Cody Christensen of Fowler, CA grabbed the $500 Super 600 victory, his first at Delta in 2019 and second of the season to go along with a victory at Lemoore. Stockton’s Alex Panella started on the pole position and led much of the race. Nikko Panella and fast-timer Corey Day collided on lap 19 just outside the top ten, forcing Alex Panella to slow to avoid at the top of turns three and four. He lost the lead when the caution flew.

The misfortune for the Panellas handed the control of the event to Christensen, who withstood a late challenge from points leader Caden Sarale of Stockton to get the win. July 27th winner Travis Labat was third followed by ninth starting Jake Hagopian, and Colton Huelsmann.

Gauge Garcia won his second straight Restricted main event by taking the $300 to win 25 lapper. Garcia started on the pole position after qualifying fourth and hitting the inversion.

Both Sage Bordenave and Nate Matherly were eliminated after the first lap of competition. The race was fast-paced from there with Garcia up front while Jeffrey Pahule, Jr. moved through the pack. Pahule has been the passing master in 2019 across California and Saturday night was no exception as he raced forward from tenth. Pahule was up to second by lap 14 but couldn’t catch Garcia. Garcia topped Pahule, sixth starting Jade Avedisian, Hailey Wood, and 15th starting Logan Trevino as the top-five. Trevino’s drive salvaged a seven point lead over Devon Courtnier, who ran 12th in the main event.

Jett Barnes of Visalia persevered on a hot night to win the $200 feature for the youngest drivers at Delta Speedway. The victory was Barnes’ fourth of the season in six attempts. He paced the final 16 laps of the main event after taking the lead from Kyle Fernandez. Points leader Lucas Mauldin started sixth and grabbed second from Fernandez on lap 17. Colton Key and Andy Hintz rounded out the top-five.

Delta Speedway presented by Financial Center Credit Union returns in just two weeks with points race #10 on August 17th!

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Delta Speedway presented by Financial Center Credit Union also thanks Interstate Truck Center, Lovotti Air, Van De Pol Petroleum, Von Euw Trucking, Starr Property Management, Performance Electronics, Price Rite Restaurant Equipment, Genova Bakery, Bruno’s Peppers, and Panella Trucking for their support.
August 3, 2019 – Points Race #9
Delta Speedway – Stockton, CA

Super 600
Feature – 30 laps
1. 12X-Cody Christensen, [4]; 2. 24-Caden Sarale, [5]; 3. 1-Travis Labat, [6]; 4. 14X-Jake Hagopian, [9]; 5. 32A-Colton Huelsmann, [3]; 6. 33-Dylan Bloomfield, [13]; 7. 01-Mitchel Moles, [16]; 8. 07X-Troy Morris III, [10]; 9. 06-Blake Bower, [12]; 10. 37T-Jayson Bright, [21]; 11. 21-Raio Salmon, [1]; 12. 91C-Colby Greig, [14]; 13. 15L-Michael Laughton, [17]; 14. 73E-Ethan Lesser, [15]; 15. 121-Caeden Steele, [11]; 16. 14-Blaine Baxter, [18]; 17. 83V-Tim Vaught, [19]; 18. 12-Alex Panella, [2]; 19. 73-Nikko Panella, [7]; 20. 41-Corey Day, [8]; 21. 13H-Brad Hannum, [20]

Non-Wing 600
Feature – 30 laps
1. 55-Brandon Carey, [2]; 2. 7P-Jake Andreotti, [5]; 3. 3-Chris Hinkle, [8]; 4. 25-Matt Sargent, [7]; 5. 01-Mitchel Moles, [15]; 6. 44X-Austin Stone, [11]; 7. 26-Chad Laughton, [4]; 8. 75-Dan Mognaga, [12]; 9. 04-Cody Gray, [17]; 10. 88-Austin Torgerson, [1]; 11. 07X-Troy Morris III, [13]; 12. 32-Caden Sarale, [6]; 13. 33B-Brent Brooks, [19]; 14. 85-Robbie Lewis, [10]; 15. 17D-Angelina Dempsey, [9]; 16. 14-Tyler Smith, [3]; 17. 35W-Nate Wait, [21]; 18. 16-Randy Sims, [20]; 19. 10-Jonathan Henry, [22]; 20. 33C-Cameron Paul, [16]; 21. 19-Tucker LaCaze, [18]; 22. 63-Travis Sullivan, [14]

Restricted 600
Feature – 25 laps
1. 21-Gauge Garcia, [1]; 2. 44X-Jeffery Pahule, [10]; 3. 14J-Jade Avedisian, [6]; 4. 2W-Hailey Wood, [2]; 5. 7T-Logan Trevino, [15]; 6. 20A-James Andrichuk, [9]; 7. 02-Ashton Torgerson, [18]; 8. 24S-Izaak Sharp, [11]; 9. 05R-Brandon Riveira, [5]; 10. 88-Reilee Phillips, [7]; 11. 83K-Colin Kirby, [16]; 12. 34-Devon Courtnier, [3]; 13. 10R-Rylee Whitehouse, [20]; 14. 2-Brody Petrie, [12]; 15. 73J-Jackson Kohler, [8]; 16. 30-Isabel Barnes, [14]; 17. 20-Otto Perreira, [19]; 18. 2A-Austin Wood, [4]; 19. 19-Nate Matherly, [13]; 20. 77-Sage Bordenave, [17]

Jr. Sprints
Feature – 20 laps
1. 55-Jett Barnes, [5]; 2. 55X-Lucas Mauldin, [6]; 3. 77K-Kyle Fernandez, [2]; 4. 63-Colton Key, [8]; 5. 19-Andrew Hintz, [3]; 6. 5-Kellan Harper, [1]; 7. 25R-Brody Rubio, [7]; 8. 76-Triton OBrien, [4]; 9. 10P-Peyton Whitehouse, [11]; 10. 4M-Mavrick Pedroni, [9]; 11. 98-Hayden Stepps, [12]; 12. 25-Logan Taylor, [10]


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